Diploma / Master Thesis

Mating and genome engineering of the yeast Pichia pastoris

Most yeasts can undergo a sexual cycle including mating, meiosis, and spore formation, leading to a recombination of genomes of the mating partners. While this cycle is well understood for a few model yeasts, there is still a lot of open questions for many yeasts of biotechnological interest, such as Pichia pastoris. We have recently published the first stable mating-type strains, and an in-depth characterization of mating regulation (Heistinger et al. 2017. Mol Cell Biol. doi: 10.1128/MCB.00398-17).

This opens huge opportunities to recombine natural genomes, engineer complex genetic traits and evolve production strains.
To leverage the potential, this master thesis will explore the mating ability of appr. 20 strains of P. pastoris and closely related species, characterize the offspring with biochemical and genetic methods, and evaluate the potential to obtain new strains with superior productivity or growth features.

The work will include:

  • Integration of marker genes with CRISPR/Cas9
  • Mating experiments on plate and in liquid cultures
  • Flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy
  • Phenotyping and genotyping, sequence analysis

We are looking for a highly motivated and ambitious Master Student who wants to join our group and is interested in this topic!

Start: March 2018                                                                                                advertisement for download

If you are interested please contact:

Lina Heistinger (lina.heistinger(a)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Diethard Mattanovich (diethard.mattanovich(a )

PhD and Post-doc Positions

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Bachelor Thesis

There are no open positions for bachelor thesis at the moment.  

But we are always looking for eager persons who wants to work in our group. If you are interested to in our research and would like to do your bachelor or master thesis in our lab please contact us.


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